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ChinolaCloud was born out of inspiration. After spending years living and working in both the U.S. and Dominican Republic, our founder, John Tanner, asked the question, "What if we could build a company which brings together the unique strengths and capabilities spanning Dominican and U.S. cultures?"

"Chinola" is a Dominican-specific word for passion fruit. "Cloud" symbolizes a new and transformational technology paradigm with strong roots in the United States. ChinolaCloud is the realization of our dream, successfully mixing different cultures and capabilities and demonstrating a consistent passion for solving client challenges through process improvement and systems optimization.

As a sister company to the global-leading boutique consultancy V2 Strategic Advisors based in New York City, ChinolaCloud has evolved since its inception with the highest level of dedication to quality and client success which is oftentimes absent in nearshore/offshore partnerships. Drawing from top universities in the northern city of Santiago, ChinolaCloud continues to build a team of polished professionals with equally strong communication and technology skills. We understand the nuances of U.S. business culture while also demonstrating Dominican traits such as resourcefulness and strong work ethic, resulting in high-quality, consistent and cost-effective service offerings. 




ChinolaCloud provides end-to-end Salesforce platform consulting and development services for U.S.-based startups, SMBs and larger corporations. Not only can we provide traditional expert support services on a monthly basis, but we can also run end-to-end projects working in a divide and conquer fashion with our clients. From requirements gathering through design, configuration, data migration, integration, coding, QA and even training, we've got you covered. Our Salesforce certified consultants understand that effective communication is a foundational component deserved consistently by our clients. We are unique. Contact Us and we will begin earning your trust from the first conversation. 


Salesforce Requirements Gathering & Design

From a design perspective, we are purists who employ the mantra "configure before coding" and always aim to keep the integrity of Salesforce's core schema intact before moving on to custom objects and code bases. We leverage best practices from our world-class sister company, V2 Strategic Advisors, to help identify your unique business and technology requirements. We build 'as needed' documentation to ensure your needs are properly translated into a solid Salesforce design and to reduce rework due to miscommunication. We can either utilize requirements already gathered by your team or help conduct workshops to further refine your organization's needs. 


Salesforce Configuration & UX

Configuring Salesforce is both and an art and a science. Our team members possess deep subject matter expertise around declarative (drag and drop) configuration across the various Salesforce Clouds. We're experts in standard and custom objects, page layouts, record types, workflows, validation rules and reports and dashboards among other features. Our rapid prototyping methodology delivers faster time-to-value. Most importantly, we are passionate about delighting end users through optimal UX to ensure your new design enables high adoption rates.  


Salesforce Testing & QA

We begin by demonstrating a prototype design to end users in the form of a conference room pilot ("CRP") and end the process with rigorous functional and technical QA both through the user interface and with coding methods when appropriate. After developing detailed test scripts, we typically work in a 'divide and conquer' fashion with clients to ensure our design is indeed matching the agreed upon requirements. Your users deserve a clean, bug free solution from the minute they log-in which is only accomplished through thorough and detail-oriented testing/QA activities.


Salesforce Data Cleansing, Migration & Governance

Many Salesforce customers, if not most, struggle at some point with dirty and duplicative data. Years of loose data governance policies can wreak havoc on user adoption. We at ChinolaCloud love data and we can help. We begin with advanced analysis of your data sets, help determine a strategy for cleansing and restructuring and then go down into the weeds to cleanse, de-duplicate, transform or merge your data using advanced tools. Importantly, we can help your team devise and apply effective data governance policies to maintain a clean and user-friendly CRM database.


Salesforce Platform Coding

Salesforce's Platform is constantly evolving and it's ChinolaCloud's job to remain at the forefront of these development trends. Our capabilities span Apex, Visualforce and newer Lightning Components as well as the supporting languages involved in designing and implementing a stellar code-based solution on Salesforce. Our Developers can build both front end and back end solutions, delivering to your organization those nuanced designs which will promote user adoption by reducing clicks and automating data flow. And of course with Salesforce, ensuring sufficient test class coverage and adherence to governor limits is a key component for coding in the Cloud and preventing future deployment issues.  


Salesforce Systems Integration

As Salesforce becomes a central component of many organizations' Cloud architectures, the need for integrations between systems is growing rapidly. ChinolaCloud can support your team in deploying existing Appexchange managed packaged-based integrations or in developing new integrations with home grown systems. Integrations are complex and often combine process flow analysis and data mapping with deep technical analysis. We can help you achieve your 'nirvana state' connected Cloud architecture. 


Salesforce Training, Adoption & Communications

Your internal communications and training strategy will be critical to achieve high end user adoption metrics. Whether helping to write email communications, guiding you on talking points for critical meetings with executives and end users or supporting other activities which will help energize your user base, we can work in a divide and conquer approach with you to achieve success. In addition, we can lead the effort to build a multi-channel pre- and post-go live training program by developing detailed train-the-trainer scripts and end-user quick reference guides and cheat sheets. If you want to take it a step further, we could jointly explore creating video-based training and leveraging your LMS. Let's evangelize together.  


Salesforce Project Management

Leveraging world-class techniques instilled by our well-established sister company V2, we bring to your organization a refined and proven project management methodology which will rival any consulting firm you've encountered. We ARE that confident. Transparency and accountability are at the foundation of everything we do which is manifested in the form of effective written and verbal communication, detailed project plans and consistent management of expectations. We understand that overcommitting and underdelivering is neither a recipe for success nor a way to build trust-based relationships with clients. We set the bar high because you deserve not only world-class technical assistance but also piece of mind that project deliverables will be on-time and within budget, consistently. 




ChinolaCloud offers a range of services to support the entire Salesforce customer lifecycle. We'll help you get up and running with LAUNCH, clean things up or redeploy with OPTIMIZE or support you on a monthly basis with our SES ("Salesforce Expert Services") program. We are relationship builders, and our service offerings are designed to forge long-term client relationships. And best of all, our convenient location aligning with the U.S. ET time zone ensures that we are there for you when your need us. There IS a better way.   

Salesforce LAUNCH Program

Our Launch program provides end-to-end services to help new Salesforce customers deploy the Platform for the first time. We will help you gather requirements, build a prototype, lead conference room pilot, end user testing sessions and assist with training and go-live. Launch services also may include report building, data cleansing and migration and even coding solutions. 

Salesforce OPTIMIZE Program

Our Optimize program is designed to redeploy Salesforce for existing users. Whether your Salesforce org has 'grown weeds' over time or was initially deployed improperly, we can carefully redesign and relaunch your instance with minimal business interruption. Our team has proven success traversing complex deployments, providing you a reduced-risk engagement.   

Salesforce SES Program

Our ongoing monthly Salesforce Expert Services "SES" program recognizes that even great organizations need access to experts and additional support from time to time. Staffing a well-rounded team which possesses a holistic set of Salesforce competencies can be challenging for small and large organizations alike. ChinolaCloud can provide on-demand services spanning all areas of Salesforce and we become an extension of your core Salesforce administrative team.


Our Team

ChinolaCloud is a growing team of consultants and developers who share a passion for business, technology and cross-cultural teamwork. We hold the bar high and recruit top talent from local technical universities who go through a rigorous hiring cycle before joining the team. We operate in English on a daily basis and train extesnively on key soft skills necessary to partner with and support the most sophisticated U.S.-based client companies. We always bring positive energy to the conversation (we do, of course, enjoy a lot of sunshine) and pride ourselves on being creative problem solvers. Our leadership team is a blend of U.S. and Dominican personnel, allowing us to seamlessly merge the positive attributes of both cultures into a unique, world-class nearshore consulting firm. Our company mission is not only to make an impact on our clients' businesses, but also to help grow a team of future international business talent in the Dominican Republic and demonstrate to the local community a new way of doing business with the highest level of professionalism.  


Leadership Team


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